Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swimming in the shallow end
Levi's skinny jeans are just wrong!

Who told the girls the refugee/heroine addict look was attractive? Maybe in junior high. Or a punk band. I don't think they're very attractive. They just look like I need to go eat a cow. Maybe they look good with those new long shirts (Oh no tell me those aren't dresses. Dang). So then I tried on some off brands and I just had to say no to crack! This is why I normally buy my levi's in the boy section.

Get up.


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Students learning from their peers

...one of the most important ways of learning that will translate to the work environment of their futures. If I can some how facilitate this habit in them and create an environment that is safe, promoting collaboration in learning/problem solving, I will have done well. Cara initiated this process today.

Cara, Milah, Jamaal

Their second week of class in college art...learning to color between the lines (just kidding, there is far more to this project). Project two will be anything but coloring inside the lines.


Friday, August 27, 2010


Here one group of students creates a sound composition trying to emphasize the specific element...texture.
Students dissected the concept of composition to it's basic elements.
Composition, whether musical, written, performed, visual, taste, etc all have basic common elements--no matter the form of expression. Point, line, shape, color, texture, value, space. Students transfered what we commonly think of as visual elements to sound, story, etc.

Bill and I were really proud of the way each group jumped right in with all members actively participating in brainstorming, problem solving, performing and critically evaluating. Where there was disagreement, there was healthy, specific, dialog and banter supporting the various view points (most excellent). Great first week. Great class composition, definitely composed of awesome elements. We should all learn a lot this semester. And I enjoyed the the elements of our class smiled a lot.

Hmmm. Would video capturing my students for better sound and image (HD) clarity justify getting the iphone 4? a teaching tool? to add to my teaching portfolio? for speaking at seminars or conferences? hmmm....oh probably not really. but a nice iphone 4 envy fantasy. darn.

From our class blog http://washfall2010.blogspot.com/ you can follow along with their process (there is a link to each student's blog) which is quite interesting. As a teacher of almost fifty kids, the blog gives me and my cohort a chance to revisit what students are doing but also gives me a little more in site. Often students say much more in writing than in a large group and are willing to speak a stronger opinion. It also gives them time to process their thoughts whereas in class they are speaking on the fly. As a teaching tool to teach the teacher it also helps me see the disconnect between what I thought I communicated and what they heard. Which allows me to adjust my teaching style and learn be more clear or rectify significant student disconnects. As artist:designer it warms them up to writing regularly and teaches them to document, document, document, both of which are actually necessary in the field of art and design. In many ways the blog replaces the sketchbook (yes they still sketch on paper but they post these online). I love the benefits of the student blogs. I love having this window into their world.


I am so acclimatized to the heat that I went out this morning to look at the moon... Goose bumps. I am such a houstonian.

and then a little warmth

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

swimming in the shallow end of the pool

i drove a ways, adding to my route at the end of today, and was so looking forward to a huge arugula salad--dashed. not only was the HEB shelf bare, but the label indicating it would magically be restocked at this locale was gone as well. so i went back to my BOX and had a little cry (really stupid i know; sometimes it is the little things...such a little thing). so i need to get some soil into my planter boxes this weekend, figure out my water source, create a little bit of a shade structure and get started on growing my own arugula (good luck kathy).

i am so tired of trying to be in the deep end; shallow seems less exhausting with the illusion of "safer" or at least a whole lot less serious. Though the shallow end has never really held much interest for me and for all i know it is not even shallow...the reality is probably simply that it doesn't fit my personality type so i classify it arrogantly as shallow, but i know i take the deep end, or even simply the pool itself, far too seriously, take most things too seriously, what people say or appear ti do or not do, trying too hard not to become callused and hard, trying too hard to stay open, trying too hard to own my crap plus some, hopelessly hoping others will do the same, just plain trying too hard. i think swimming in the shallow end of the pool might be nice...it must really be a hot day with all this blather of pools and swimming and such.

perhaps i just need to get out, dry off and stay out of the pool for a bit. of course i've never been able to turn off my internal processing machine and wondering and trying to understand The way of things and people keeps me inclined towards the deep end...so staying out of the pool, exploring the deep end, is not something i can actually accomplish...so i need to find a new way to swim, float, and explore. or simply a home studio in the woods might do, where i can see the stars at night, hear the sun sizzle as it is swallowed by the horizon, feel the chill in the morning air brush along my skin, slap a bug or two, write, make and be present in the physical space I occupy...though i worry i might not come back out if i retreat to the woods. perhaps there is nothing wrong with that. It looks better and better with each passing day.

Neon surrounded by barbed wired fence ????

a neon (or led) cross with its six foot shiny new fences hemming it in on every side and raisor sharp wire surrounding its top. it is not a fence i can climb; its gate is kept locked, i assume, the key hidden away.

Full moon in the morning

And Orion was quickly swallowed by the morning of the day.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Acclimatized or it is really cooler this morning

Sitting in the shade on the back porch of the beloved parental units home base with a nice breeze attempting to finish prepping for my new WASH students next week.

Am distracted as usual by the undercurrents and rhythms of living and the unchangeable histories of interwoven lives as they complete their unraveling. Since I have a little eco-tree hugger in me, in spite of being a a red meat loving carnivore, I know I must harvest the threads of my life. The remnants aren't to be thrown away. I must allow them to be sewn/woven into a new tapestry (or eco-wise into a new web of life). I need to be grateful that this is even possible. It is the only way in which I will be able to see and feel the beauty of an unexpected tapestry to be woven from the remnant threads I've been gifted with (dangling I know and trying not to worry about it--grammar that is--see dangled again). Oh well.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Parsimonious gravel/drainage base

For my new planters...can't decide if free was worth the sweat equity of smashing up old bricks this morning. I'll throw in a little purchased gravel to finish the base of the planters before adding some kind of nutrient rich soil. Think I'll go to urban growers talk at uh on Wednesday and see if it'll prevent me from killing what I am about to plant. Oh well the planter boxes look good even if I kill what I put into them. A+ for effort.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dang. How do I get so freaking dirty!

I was just making planter boxes (ok well I have to admit I did just line them with old rubber, with drain holes a nd such, I know, I know! But still, how do I always get so freaking dirty???). Even more amazing is that leg is pretty dirty as well. You just can't tell with that hand. Clean me up, put me in a dress and all is quite pleasant till someone notices my hands. Omg-osh!...sometimes I just try to keep them hidden). Unfortunately the dirt didn't function as sunscreen. Ouchy.

Perhaps I am kinsman of pigpen. It is. Serious possiblity. Thank goodness for my new Kathy rigged studio warm water shower! Amen!

Two loads of this...

...equals five box planters, three days (less if it wasn't so bloody hot), 30 bucks in deck screws, 5 bucks in drill bits, and twenty battery charges for my sweet makita chica light weight drill (two batteries, so I never had to wait on the charger only waiting was on rejuvinating chica power).

now I will have to see if I can grow anything to fruition--well gravel, soil and mulch first.

Ahhhh. I am almost ready to plant my first fall garden ever. Yipee. If it goes well, I'll make five more boxes. If not, illthrow some hearty shrubs in those boxes and just have nonedible green space.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bahahaaaa. Whatever--as though I hadn't noticed

Bahahaaaa as she laughs (perhaps heat stroke) cause no matter what "they" say, today has been the coolest so far this week.

For Houston

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From that to this

From, oh I don't know, three mountains, what, seven tons, to a load worthy of Tacoma four cylinder, to chica pull off the trailer muscles, to now calibrated compound sliding miter saw (yeah!), to a makita sweet cordless drill, to wawla, two planter boxes 5'L x 2'D x 30"T. Bulid three more and a couple of square ones, then it's time for dirt and things that grow and are edible (did I mention, I love arugala), and twenty five liters of Kathy sweat (oops sorry, I am a girl, so it should say, twenty five liters of Kathryn GLOW)

Aggghhh I am miter saw calibration challenged

According to the weather report "feels like 103." I concur. Am on my third or fourth bubba keg of ice tea and toting a converted to mobile beach umbrella with me while I work. Same report said 53% humidity. Well not on me. I am at a 100% (dew point reach and I am saturated) even on this inside ice tea break. Thank god I am not a road construction flag man. Ouchy! It is be kind to flag men day and any other blowk (sp?) that has to work outside today.

Ok I am working myself up to go finish second planter box

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Pretty hardwood (oak)

With rust striated patina from years of holding steel pipes. Pretty. Thanks to Houston's Reuse Warehouse who helps divert industrial/construction waste from our land fills and repurposes the materials to/for non-profits like BOX 13 Artspace. Currently I am making planter boxes out of the oak to line the BOX courtyard to create some much needed green space (to counter balance all the asphalt and tires/tubes and grow some veggies (arugala, ummmm). Try to knock them out today but it's suppose to be 100+ and with this hardwood I have to predrill the holes.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am definitely a

Sci-fi junky.
Makes no sense to me--just like it. Not deep, not meaningful, just like it. Always have.

Terminator: Sarah Connor chronicles. Like it; just wrong.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A person isn't who they are during the last conversation you had with them - they're who they've been throughout your whole relationship.
Rainer Maria Rilke

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Please will the wind take me

Rilke and other poets speak of the wind a lot

Carry the wind
Being the wind
The spirit comes in the wind
Light as the wind

Why do we refer so often and poetically as a people to the wind?

The wind is like our soul, our spirit, so hard to grasp, to stop, to hold, to analyze, to understand, to discover its origins, what effects its path, where is it going, how did it start, will it really end? love lightens, we feel a freeness like the wind, troubles make us want to blow away, grief and sorrows makes us want to float belly up eyes closed and drift upon the wind being rocked and comforted, anger makes us want to howl like the wind, delight makes want to dance and flutter like the fall leaves in the wind.


Why does the gentle breeze comfort?

The wind. I don't understand, but I hope it takes me with it. Please.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Houston's reuse warehouse

They harvest from construction materials headed to the landfill, usually diverted from new construction excess and demo. Houston non profits can cone harvest these materials at no charge, slowing the waste stream of usable construction material filling Houston's ten active and humongous landfills. It is a win win situation. For me as a BOX 13er, it's like the ultimate candy store.

Today they are celebrating an expansion of their services--which was created to easy of use for those who would like to drop off materials. I love this place. They even have 1948 doors that match what I'd missing from the BOX, so well be able to have period specific matching doors. Beautiful.

Thanks Keith and crew for making it happen.

Mayor and head of solid waste management cut the ribbon for the new disposal facility next door to the reuse warehouse.

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

12x15 is big even by my standards

Those are my feet at the right of the photo--it'll give you a sense of scale. I think I'll return to tubes next week.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

inspired by Jerry and Rilke

Jerry posted
I give you these lines from a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke:

Don't be afraid to suffer, give
the heaviness back to the weight of the earth;
mountains are heavy, seas are heavy.

Even those trees you planted as children
became too heavy long ago -- you couldn't carry them now.
But you can carry the winds . . . and the open spaces . . .
[Selected Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke, trans. by Robert Bly]
And so my soul responded to Jerry's writings on his blog, Rilke's writing, and my heart. I like reading Jerry's blog because his open processing of his life and faith as a true exploration and not a parroting of church dogma helps me with my own and exposes me to writings i would not have other wise read...here is my response.

falling into a heaviness of its own
temporarily far from me
the weight lifts from where it is planted
i fall free

forcing even my lids to lay still
as i allow, my arms slide down, settle
i think of the sleep which alludes me

faintly the remembered wind whispers
my name with the soul quieting
sounds of stillness
it gently touches flutteringly with its caress
across my salt streaked cheeks and
as i allow it, the space opens to me

even from yesterday and before tomorrow
god's lips blow breath far into my future
carrying me from the weight of the day
and whispering comfort to me even now
he lifts from me my mountain, my seas
as i lay still in this weightless moment
i carry the wind
thank you, Jerry, for letting others in to your exploring and heart felt life. my life is better for the risks you take.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Five by eight detail

of the twelve foot by fifteen of the drop cloth. Can't decide.


abraham lied about his wife and gave her to another man to sleep with (bet that damaged their relationship; she must have forgiven abraham since they went on being married); one of his descendants almost did the same thing; mose was a murderer, as was david, ruth's actions were not above reproach, jonah ran away as did many prophets. The father loved not just the prodigal but the judgmental unforgiving eldest son. Jacob lied, stole and deceived his father, his mother was complicit. The Christ reached out to cheaters, whores, adulterers, murders, lepers, the blind, etc all the time. he extends his hand to each of us for we are not without our own darkness, we are not without defiance. they did not suddenly become perfect. he doesn't wave a magic wand and take away our internal battles and shadows; he makes room for us to have the freedom through forgiveness, reconciliation and more so that we may move beyond our shadows, our fears.

are you without shadow? i am not, but i work to accept and give forgiveness so i can move beyond the shadows and be who i was created to be, to continue to move in the purpose of my being, to find the green pastures, the quiet streams, and be restored.

it is hard.

Hmmm. Where did my knuckles go?

beginning of post hand bend and squish day.

That top hand should look all bony and knuckly like this one. Hey but I am just glad it's not broken or torn or what have you. Puffy but works and makes that hand look so much younger all tight and soft. Never bend your fingers all the way backwards till they touch the back of your hand when you fall on it. That hurt like golly gee willicurs! A big no no.

end of day. hmmmm. if it swells more, perhaps i do need to go see the dr, but it doesn't hurt, just puffy as all get out and i've pretty much been using it all day (just no grippy tightly or holding much weight)...so i don't think there is damage, just trauma.

left image (right hand) is its genetic normal gnarly boney veiny self; other, is a puff-meister

Not sure

But I'll give the 12' x 15' drop cloth painting a shot. Kind of awkward working on floor with charcoal and paint brushes taped to the end of a stick. It's more the floor part that's difficult--distortion. But distortion in a drawing is good.
sometimes i just think i should avoid color all together.

progression through the day