Friday, March 29, 2013

find the closest green space and go there now!

I happen to be so fortunate as to live embedded in it. ummm. though, when the insurance company called to do a wildfire evaluation of the hermitage in the woods, I felt my pocket book groan knowing that living in a microforest is simply a fire hazard. just is. fortunately it was not mandatory (this time), so i read the forms, I already meet most recommendations, and will comply with the one that remains, but i definitely declined the site evaluation. now go outside and soak it up!

spherical sisters reunite in the microforest

Saturday, March 23, 2013

a lazy day for at least one

not so lazy for the human who deconstructed "once unthinkable" from 2008. a little over kill on that build...

Monday, March 11, 2013

I suppose I could work in a cube, but why would I do that?!

perhaps I will grow old
here, listening to the canopies
rustle their songs
the glowing orb pressing its warmth caressingly
along exposed skin and sweatered core
momentarily still
the leave litter scents
of regenerating earthen decay, drifts
the unborn buds hide yet a day or two more
soon to overwhelm with the rich textures of living
I may wait here
to grow old

not now or ever has fast appealed
cluttering days toiling at stones and shoulders to step upon
yet admittedly when fear enters in
trolling the base archive of Maslow's need
revealing the toll of man-made-mana
mind burdened with the overlay of should dos
I grow old in rushed wakes ruins

so when I am able
lifting, sorting and shifting
minuet cosums within my microforest
up turned lips with glacial slow humming blinks, basking
momentary freedoms
I wait to grow graciously old
in these spaces

Saturday, March 02, 2013

somethings don't change much

This is clearly apparent as I dig through old stuff with my folks to sort and clear out as my pop prepares for retirement living walking distance from my mom's full care. My folks are totally moving forward and excited. I, on the other hand, sniffle as I shift through years of life with them and the deleted years.

The unchanging:
loving my pups.

Farlow Ave. Crofton, Maryland with my mom. A visit from my Aunt and cousin Andy for momma pup, Caraway, to visit one of her babies (which became mine).

My hermitage in the woods, 2013.

the outdoors.

ha. We, my bros and I, caught these by hand in remnant puddles in after a hurricane (Maryland near Fort Meade)

Stubblefield, Sam Houston National Forest, 2013

being on the water.

Springfield, Virginia (ha. Neighbor was covert operative for CIA...ummm why did we all know this?)

Stubblefield, Sam Houston National Forest, 2013

a tad silly hair up glamour.

Crofton, Maryland front yard glamour shoot with best friend Laura Williams

A walk in the cold winter woods near my hermitage, 2013.

Friday, March 01, 2013

fun. one of those kind of days

straight from three hour lecture ( i really don't lecture that long...i blend in activities or i'd die in a pile) where i test ran my ipad 4 (ipad 3 stolen. dang smash and grab along with my art journal. punks) hooked up to projection system and controlled it while walking around using my iphone that even allowed me to view the presentation notes for each slide. dang that was awesome. well not the lecture, but the being untethered from the podium. got to work on the lecture, definitely glazed eyes today. ANYHOW, the point is i went straight from lecture, still all dudetted up in my work clothes, and hit the water to test my new kayak paddle. perfect day--yak that! yup.