Saturday, July 30, 2011

when saw dust ignites and becomes charcoal!!!

in your new house. it took me twenty minutes to find the sander, which hadn't been used in an hour. check outside for forest fire. no--inside. finally turned of ceiling fan since I had wired it. as soon as I did, flames and smoke emanated from dust catcher on belt sander. weird and amen I smelled it and finally found. needless to say I ran out of house with flaming sander in hand. the sawdust seems now to be literally charcoal.

what is just is for the day

> I write
> but am not language based.
> I pray
> but not through cognition or
> structures of word combinations.
> I make
> but not from initial ideations.
> I speak
> but it only skirts the understandings
> and unknowings of my soul.
> I make rational
> but not in complete unlackings.
> I intend with my will
> but my heart is what moves.
> forgiveness speaks
> in the swell of my heart
> grief cries
> in the tightness of my throat
> joy is known
> in the rising scents of content
> mercy is felt
> in the softening of my chest
> fear is heard
> in the clench of my back
> anger yells
> in the grind of my jaw
> knowledge is tasted
> in the movement of my hands
> love sings wordlessly
> in fleetings of my memory
> my mind just learning
> a glancing of
> the listening
> the smelling
> the hearing
> the tasting
> the touching
> and balancing
> with their vastness
> of my unknownings
> the discernment of the voicelessness of my being, of my form

homemade, mostly scrap.

one man's corporate trash is this woman's treasure. used scrap 4x4 rough hewn oak (just oiled so far darker than it will end up--I hope), scrap 1" plumbing pipe. had to buy joints, that added up super quick--omg-gosh. decided to spend 20 bucks so I'd have new, uniform, wood
slats. all ready for mattress that arrives tomorrow. going to cut two pieces of scrap pipe down to size and put a header and footer secondary bar. really should have installed flooring over subfloor first...hmmmm...just not sure exactly what I want except tired of matt on floor or futon in studio. should go to bed now but almost time to get up and work on kathy-do list.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

real world adventure with cyber-roommate

waawho it is 68 degrees and I an wearing a sweatshirt this morning!!

stitch, stitch Friday as warm up for my Darke Gallery residency then finger wrist break and up to Minnesota see my cyber-roommate (once real world college roommate) whom I hadn't spoken to or seen since about 1983. we've been corresponding electronically for a bit almost daily and have become what we call cyber-roommates (though I couldn't get her to dust my place and she felt I wasn't doing my share on keeping her space clean :) ). we decided to take a real world adventure together. at the point i bought my plane ticket we still hadn't spoken, just emails, so we kind of decided it would be kind fun/interesting to not speak until real world get together. needless to say yesterday there was a lot of real world dialog.

and she looks just the same to me as thirty years ago just with more smile lines, which I consider a good thing.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

omg-osh. I won't be doing any church faulted ceilings

I just had 12 five inch hooks to mount into some joists. at least I know who modeled for david--some adolescent day laborer. oh my delts are feeling it. but am learning it's easier to prevent tire skid marks on the ceiling than to try and clean it once work is installed. hope I hit all the joists.

mmmm. hope it works

piercing the ceiling and hopefully the joists of Darke Gallery

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A special, dear, significant, enchanting and beautiful friend, quoting her husband, told me today, "Honey, always remember you can't fall out of bed when you are sleeping on the floor."

Yup. Helpful reminder and is true. Even funnier since I haven't bought a bed yet and have a bed topper thingy thrown down on the floor in the shelter on my microforest. I think I'll take the risk and get a bed, to old to lay these bones on the floor too many sequential nights. And just one please, one bed please. All my gracious friends have shared their spares with me. Can I even count their graciousness--Lori and Josh, Paul and Cheri, my mom and dad, Glenn and Shelly, Rachel, Annetta Jayne, Anneka, Tessa, Katherine, Marilyn, Cynthia. Others invited as well. Plus there were other beds--I-Park artist enclave (residency with chef), the BOX (studio), my office, an occasional hotel on nights to cold to BOX this past winter (brrr). Upcoming is a bed at Darke Gallery (residency). And next week there will be more beds along path of an adventure in real world with my cyber roommate whom I haven't seen or spoken to in 30 years just got googled and then began daily email correspondence since November. Joy :) I am looking forward to anadventure of the unexpected but I am upon my return I need one bed, one nest, one sanctuary, one space to land my butt and head, calling it home.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

residential art installation put on hold
tomorrow i begin residency at Darke Gallery

i will be completing and creating new work for exhibition opening early september (labor day weekend) for solo exhibition titled, the edge of my unreadiness. the gallery will be open thursday evenings in August, 4-7pm, so that you may stop by and watch the work progress.

Darke Gallery
320B Detering @ Feagan
Houston, TX 77007

Saturday, July 09, 2011

kilowatt that

shocking but true. I've now deinstalled two old ceiling fans, and yes, installed two new. all this without burning down the or killing my dad! (old, scary wiring, now new and improved).

Thursday, July 07, 2011

awe-ha! that is who is eating all my bird seed!

squirrels. ha. this is a big fat seed fed raccoon. gone to have to stop feeding him at night! either have to seriously relocate my primary feeder because he just practical walks up the cedar post. he totally knew he was busted and scurried off only to return with fifteen minutes. relocation or need to secure feed at night. 

good by droopy breakfast bar cabinets. peeked in fir down and appears nonstructural. will need second opinion, then good by ugly floating faux sheetrocked thingy!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

who dragged away my deer resistant coneflower

roots and all??!!! foot prints remain but I dont think any csi crew will be out to see who kidnapped or murdered my coneflower!!!! I hope it's not a serial coneflower devouror!

Monday, July 04, 2011

becoming be-going interacting with my tubes :)

becoming be-going/excerpt from Run Shayo on Vimeo.
performance/video artist interacts with my piece at I-Park.
will have to contemplate it's meaning, but enjoyed.

hmmm they are certainly not afraid of me

I assume they are a bit like dogs, thus it is confirmed based on dogs, children and now deer which sauntered up to within 50 feet of me (no zoom, this was shot with my camera phone in silent mode), I am in fact a safe person.

I did get deer resistant flowered but apparently an armadillo thinks it's just fine to keep up rooting my flowers! maybe they won't like cedar mulch? google here I come.