Monday, May 02, 2016

sadness, suffering, the creative act and social position and backup and running, free of malevolent code and spammish malware.

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artist because of a dispositional failure to fit any other social position — sadness, suffering and the creative act

Pierre Bourdieu Attempting to filter the flow and follow a single textual strand upstream into the real world, I am temporally torn between a responsive biographical dispositional debriefing of artist versus unpacking the alluring line in which Bourdieu suggests that the “artist invents himher-self in suffering” (Bourdieu, 1993 p 169). This line is provocative for the ways it relates to the alternate fields I study. I suffer deliberating between the two strands for which ONE to follow. 
Pierre Bourdieu
MicroResponsive Reading – Unfettered word count, Pierre Bourdieu’s Fields of Cultural Production and suffering the self reflection that I am artist because of a dispositional failure to fit any other social position. Damn.

Easing in, I slog through Pierre Bourdieu’s Fields a second time. Textual strands evasively tug and bind my moments. I poise in place, hands trailing behind flirtingly fingering each eddy of his thoughts. They become muddied from the eroding runoff from alternate fields I plow—fields cultivated with accumulating research on artists, creativity, psychophysiology and my own lived experiences.
Louise Bourgeouis

The artist sacrifices life to art not because he wants to but because he cannot do anything else – Artist, Louise Bourgeouis (Bourgeois, Bernadac, and Obrist, p. 173).

Heck, why not do both in this temporary field of unfettered word counts?!

PART 1 :: Artist by Dispositional Default, a Social Position


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ok well don't visit my wordpress site(s) hosted by goddady unless you want to catch a nasty on your digital device. sigh and undisclosed curse words

malware hack attackers have infiltrated my new sites because they are bastards. may they find 922 fuzzy pissy smelling scaly toads stuffed in their mouths each morning and may the winning megalotto ticket magically find its way into my pocket without even the expenditure of one dollar!

so currently don't visit...well actually your browser and google should be blocking you from it at least with a warning.

ps no i did not use a free wordpress theme and yes my plugging (probably the access points) were up to date. yes, i had a firewall and a plugin that ran daily scans, etc. and yes i paid goddady extra for sitelock to also help protect me from hacks.

so i did engage with safe blogging and art presence, known the less I picked up a nasty that is highly contagious.

i hate malware attackers. they are bastards and bitches causing harm even where they can gain no personal or fiscal benefit other than being dickheads.

i am not above name calling! clearly.

it will probably be faster to simply build new sites, an a different host, than to try to locate all the ways they have infected my sight. CRAP. as artist i need a web presence.

Sunday, February 07, 2016