Thursday, January 26, 2012

she really no longer notices, the noticing is not needed.

I am sauntering down my lane and around the curve, unexpectedly to me but fully in the moment of slanted elongated shades of early eve, sun sizzling as it touches the cold earth, is Bessy...with a slow swing of her wide hairy hips and hardly a glance my way, udder swaying fully under her belly. silently with her jaws own working, she meanders on since the lane's way is wire gird. perhaps she wonders if it is to keep the noisy petro fed pinned and at bay, the wheeled rolling beasts properly healed. then there is me, strolling the fair far end also slipping in between the elongated shadows gravel crunching below foot, am I in or out? yet she, she is neither black nor white, just a simple soft warm pale brown. i imagine pressing up against that warm softness with its beating rhythms, listening. where is the belonging? the herd?

she really no longer notices, the noticing is not needed.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

ha! nine point nine more acres to go.

mulch that! ok well most of those acres, thank goodness, are wooded! my 100 buck baby tractor (mower) runs like a dream. some day if I feed and water it, it may grow up! more mower and chain saw lessons from dad! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

omg! found in my mom's spice rack TODAY!!

well at least it's not thirty years old! well at least not for 10-11 more days. omg! it may be genetic. dang.

oh my new best friend,
where have you been for my whole tubular life

oh scissors you I am soooo done with you!!! and sweet pink cable, you are so very pretty, tis a shame you inevitable will soon be tire tubular black with grunge. merry Christmas self! oh yay! putting a little cute in grunge!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

awe new under shelf LEDs for reading, writing and...

paint still drying. have to give the oil base 3+ days before loading with books and office stuff :) then I'll put 6' drafting table in studio instead of hermitage.

oh yuck to mr. clean

"to make their eyes open" -- Josef Albers

Albers would repeat versions of the phrase again and again over the years, never deviating from the conviction that teaching art was (is) not a matter of imparting rules, styles, or techniques, but leading students to greater awareness of what they are seeing and doing." -- Frederick Horowitz and Brenda Danilowitz

what does it mean to see?
so if I do begin to see, then what?
depends on what I see and intend to do or say in regards to what I see or what I hope others will see. SEE!

and yet hands do not always obey what is seen and to be seen; they must gain experience through exploration of material and form and they must practice. and the hands to, if listened to, may open the eyes in the same way strolling feet cultivate an idea to fruition.

ta-da; just a little fit and finish

ie white electric stuff instead of old almond. plus final coat of paint to dry...then I'll add an under shelf LED bar and a tad of trim work.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

flat flat frog

closet soon to be converted to office

fresh coat of eggshell white; shelves cut, sanded primed and drying in prep to receive oil based finished. pick up cute light fixture tonight. now to go for walk, then sand desktop surface. finally off for early din din with most favorite (only) parental units to celebrate their, mmmm, endeavor/adventure that began 50 years ago today.