Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Only a Sojourner: What It Takes To Be Happy

Only a Sojourner: What It Takes To Be Happy

hmmm. relates to some of my thinking on unlearning and exploring "stop fixin'."

Bruise of soul
exhibition opening 3/30

"Blinn-Sealy hosts art exhibit opening on Friday

Sculpture conveys emotion through industrial material


Blinn College-Sealy will open its inaugural art exhibit Friday with Kathy Kelley's "Bruise of Soul," a sculpture conveying human emotion through industrial material.

The opening will be from 6-8 p.m., and art lovers will have an opportunity to view the exhibit and meet Kelley, a visiting assistant professor of art at Sam Houston State. The exhibit will be displayed inside the new student center until May 12. The student center, which opened in February, is located a few doors down from the main campus entrance. The center was made possible through the generosity of local community members.

For the center's first art exhibit, Blinn Art Instructor Doug Cason said Kelley was the first and only name that came to mind when the school was looking for an artist to showcase.

"She's an artist's artist," said Cason, who attended grad school with Kelley at the University of Houston. "Every artist loves and respects her work. The Houston art community is watching her, and work as impactful as hers will be a tremendous addition to the Sealy campus and make for a more thriving college scene."

Kelley began her artistic path as a graphic designer, and only considered a career as a professional artist after returning to graduate school for a master's in graphic design. It was there that she discovered a gift for sculpting.

"It was like stepping into my own skin for the first time," Kelley said. "It was wonderful."

Kelley's sculptures are made from tire tubes that are no longer inflatable. She usually acquires them from companies that would otherwise throw them away, then fashions them into art.

"It's taking industrial materials but giving it a very human feel," Kelley said. "What I'm expressing are abstract emotions, so the pieces tend to feel like their titles."

Cason said Kelley's exhibit is expected to be the first of many on the Sealy campus. He expects to showcase student art in the summer.

Blinn College offers fine arts courses on its Sealy, Brenham, Bryan and Schulenburg campuses."

Richard Bray

they told a story and then gave me some line
mark making project produced by my students

from this to all this [storyline project -- story + artifact]
see album for more of their work
go to program blog to see more project handouts
feel free to use and adapt. just don't claim them as your own :)

students spend or save as much money as their creative powers allow
ie above piece is made from chicken wire and tape
below required a bit more cashola