Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I shot my parents today without going postal.
well, they will go postal
after they get printed for Christmas cards.

I'd tell you what my mom and dad said to get themselves laughing but then I'd have to kill you because omg its just wrong at their age and MY parents!

Monday, November 28, 2011

chasing the sun into the night

beckoned by the edge where today splinters into tomorrow. I am done with yesterday both near and far, yet the griefs and unresolvables cling. shyness bares down more now then ever.

I see; most the time.

"'Learning to see' is learning to recognize...seeing, in this sense, is not a thing of the retina and lenses, it is an activity that circumscribed the whole soul." --Heinrich Wolfflin

Sunday, November 27, 2011

second coat, shade darker. mmm better.

hard to tell with the lighting but bathroom and guest room are same green just different values (bedroom being a lighter tint).

Saturday, November 26, 2011

guest room. shazaam.

much paler version of what I put in bathroom--meaning it reflects more light. no, no, it's not BOX 13, 1948 hospital, green!! it has a smidge of gray in it. I have lots of light through the day but because of the microforest canopy it changes significantly. it is really interesting to watch the wall colors appear different from hour to hour.

bed linens + dishes

ha. coordinate with bathroom. the dishes bought in 2009; linens in 2011. I hadn't realized I had such color leanings till I got home and noticed my bed linens perfectly matched my plates. funny to me. must be my natural color palette. I'd painted my previous house of 1992 as though I was trying match these plates--mustard and the deep red. so now I'll try green. I am less sure of green but think it will contrast nicely to what I intend for the floor. I liked the baby pooh green I painted earlier this week it just was a bit loud, didn't quite go with other items in casa and had a shine to it made that felt kid's room plasticky to me. this new green may be a bit to somber and gray but I'll give it a try.

cast of the gray morning laden with release

translation: yay i hear the drizzle running from my tin roof. more please.

Friday, November 25, 2011

maybe should've split the difference

between loud and muted...both are in house in other places as well. hmmmm.

down playing stupid hap-happy green

to a more sophisticated muted green as in pic below which coordinates both with my bedroom linens and dishes. well because you know how important it is to coordinate with you dishes and linens while eating or sleeping in the tube! a can of paint, one extra roller, and roll of blue tape. I can live with tis green. so from cottage white to vivid baby pooh green to a more grayish green.

see. I do sometimes.

"psychology's main field of operations was not in controlled environments...but in the free-wheeling discursive practices of philosophers, historians, avant-garde artists, cultural reformers...psychology is to the modern age what perspective was to the renaissance, for there is no aspect of our world that has not been touched by it."-- Mark Jarzombek

"'Learning to see' is learning to recognize...seeing, in this sense, is not a thing of the retina and lenses, it is an activity that circumscribed the whole soul." --Heinrich Wolfflin

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

for which i am grateful

the hermitage


mini meadow

meandering graveled pathways

with vaulted swaying canopies
the howl of the wind and moon light in the trees

silly light fixtures i've made from others' trash


foggy mornings


grand girlfriends

shot by Katy Anderson
the younger set

lubbock contingency



gorilla ladder, chains, and darke gallery (and significant associates)


things that have fallen into my lap like a fabulous stove, riding mower, and residency/exhibition op