Thursday, December 29, 2011

pretty plumbing

but for the life of me I can't figure out my wiring in my 4 unit (3 with double switches) light/fan wall switches. I wired it just like previous box but with new switches. understand the wiring in theory but obviously not in practice. shocking and a bit frustrating.

yay! outside of door almost finished

to coordinate with brown of windows. looks much better.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

before 5" deep; after 9" deep

doesn't seem big deal except my hands function as the dishwasher. in this case a deeper sink or a nonhuman dishwasher is required. I chose the sink.

Friday, December 23, 2011

upside down for now

ruff hewn oak is get out of town heavy. so I'll flip legs right side up when I have a team. till then, upside down because it's stable while I put upper frame on solo. will needs some back muscle relaxers tonight for sure = alleve. shelly has assured me that the frame, bed and all is fluffily awesome in cozy comfort. that's the goal! this way when my houstonite grand girl friends, lubbockstonians and such come for visit, they will find peaceful welcome.

that's a lot of dust for only 4 rip cuts

I think I am going to cough up a two by four. next time, respirator. I thought hey 4 cuts no problemo...cough cough...I was wrong. hope my bro likes his freshly made bed!

sans intended plumbing pipe

just going with harvested ruff hewn oak for guest room bed frame. legs. off to the depot for bolts.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

tired people rarely wake up

tired people rarely wake up
toss and turn they might
at the bird's yellow flickering wing
the scrape of metal becoming
the slide of walleted plastic
or even the call of heart
swimming to break the surface
with wait submerge again
exhaustion of doing and looking good, being seen as right, winning an ear to be heard, working harder still, consuming even more information
tired people rarely wake up

may we each find our way to awaken

there is a simplicity to folding

there is a simplicity to folding
the gentle bend and tuck
the scent of fresh towels drifts to mind
but my intent has been to unfold
there are still things in which I become to tight for the unfolding
for a time I thought if I remained open, I wouldn't be damaged, that openness meant health
no matter how open, I curled in and folded as a result from the blows

what is residual still leaves me tight
a crow bar is required at the moment if the intent is to unfold
that seems a violent unfolding and thus not an unfolding at all

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

oh snap as my preused apple red baby tractor/grown up mower dangles one wheel from the bed of my truck

another day when my landfill fairies where not to be had! dang! so now to plan heavy power cords, reciprocating saw and stuff so i can just cut things into chica carrying sized pieces and haul off myself. oh triple dog dang! my apologies to all good dogs. my baby tractor (riding mower) dangles in wait for my big brother's friday arrival so i don't get all squishi-ed trying to recover it from the slid out ramp (hey but that little soil slip was worth having my microforest and mini meadow watered at the heaven's gratefully opening). dangle the baby tractor must cause i also promised my dad I'd wait for assistance. tomorrow as I await the rains and brother, I'll clear the trailer of previous load and then build bed frame for my soon to arrive bro guest.

so without much of a digital or phone signal functioning and being pretty much done for the day, it's time to decide between my freshly arrived video series and solos...hmmm...planet of the apes, terminator, logan's run, westworld, riddick, I am legend, the book of eli, v for vendetta, or the dark crystal. this list probably reveals way too much about me. I have to admit besides being on sale super cheap there seems to be a pattern here. the books are ultimately better but I am a sucker for sci-fi, end of the world survival stuff even in the form of these silly movies.

besides I've never had a video collection before and had to start somewhere so sci-fi end of the world as we know it seemed the place to start. next set will include my other loves--chitty chitty bang bang and similar child like fantasies.


oh time passes and yay! I really love the new (prequel) planet of the apes!!! planet of the apes was my first sci fi as a kid and my first drive in movie as I lay atop a split level pale green station wagon with laura williams in fifth grade.

Monday, December 19, 2011

grams stay with you even when gone.

thinking about my gram. it's been a year since she gracefully let go into her leap from this realm to the other. miss her being here.


the time will come
when, with elation,
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror,
and will smile at the other's welcome
Derek Walcott, poet

Saturday, December 17, 2011

a good day of truly MANuel labor

am definitely spent. one serious trailer load to the dump and a load to the ville all primarily cause of the help of friend and art slave dean liscum. I think he's helped me load or unload every show that I have had plus a few studio moves!!

physical labor is good and I really enjoyed but I must say the splinter is mentally distracting. think it's going to have to figure its own way out. ouchy.

waiting on the landfill fairy

between my crap, BOXer and installing artists' remains, tis a lot of refuse to be hauled off. so today some sit and wait for Santa, others wait to see the consumer index, some for baby Jesus, and I await the landfill fairy for hire crew. oh how I hope they show up! at least my waste stream isn't generated directly by me since I temporarily divert your waste stream into art and this is simply the leftovers. so I am trying not to feel so badly about this waste. though the landfill fairies have assured me that the three loads are needed because rubber and wood go to recycling thus less to the ten active mountains of landfills that feed off Houston. the upper pile is headed to the pulping place, the other to all things rubber!

getting nervous as to that my fairies have not arrived and I am on tight schedule. oh well for planning.

Friday, December 16, 2011

last remnant from my somewhat abandoned planter BOX boxes

untended since July, I've gotten one last harvest from my planter boxes. need to get my boxes up here to plant next crop. the boxes would seem unnecessary, but do far everything I've planted has been dug up at the roots and tossed aside to wither by the armadillos and the Bambi's have been hungry enough to eat a few deer resistant plants I tried.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


the subdued rich earthy hues flourish as the greens are slowly swallowed by the waning light with its crisp breath

Sunday, December 11, 2011

mentor and remnant carnage. good day!

they think I need a dining room table. I like the foot stools :)

little surprise and delight of day is that this little slab of dark green marble atop the hermitage's firebox keeps caso (sp?) dip at just the right viscosity and the chips crisply warm! awesome.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


din with dad and a gorgeous night drive home c

have a good day

I hope you find the gift of breath, the sky rich with blue, the air crisp with the cool December 10th morning, that you find peace in the green that grows wild even in the city and joy in your friends. I hope this December 10th is a good day. It and you are not forgotten and are of great value. I am glad you are.

I'd tell you myself but it is not an option. So I'll hope these things for you in the silence of cyberspace. And so I do.

Friday, December 09, 2011

goodbye arm and leg; hello cell signal

I have wires strewn about, dangling from attic stairs, but now that I know it works, it works, it works, I'll run them down through the walls and put in a wall plate. amen. I haven't even put the yagi antenna up yet on the 40 foot antenna I am so looking forward to gingerly climbing. I just stuck the baby antenna at roof peak and I am getting 3 bars on 3G instead of 1 bar on E and that was only sometimes! omg-gosh; omg-gosh.


crud can't get it to work like it did the first night. ??

Thursday, December 08, 2011

so my yagi antenna and kick butt expensive repeater arrived

I have to go online to download the install directions, BUT (that is my big freaking hairy BUT) the whole reason for buying this equipment is that your smartphone, iPad, and the phone part of your smart do not actually work enough to download the install PDF!
I am going to have to contemplate this company. hmmmm.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

crisp moon lit

brrrr. I am such a Houstonian. the hermitage came with this fire box thing as an alternate heat source. it kicks butt, takes the chilly edge off the lower half of the casa, and keeps the heat pump from running nonstop. sweet.

mmmmm. my first fire.

it's better than a tv.

Friday, December 02, 2011

first run! any questions.

locked, loaded and ready to roll.

no sideways implication, just happy trailer talk.

morning pushes me into its gentle wake

I need to stir my attention
basking in these splinterings
that move me from yesterday to today
turn off the noise of human cannibalistic climbing and clamoring
step out of its destructive funeral wake