Thursday, May 31, 2012

different would be nice.

oh. what to do. what.
this way. that.
which is forward. which is back.
is it a giving.
in or up.
perhaps better.
at least different.
different would be nice.

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong...-Robert Frost.

there is a window found in time
its threshold in which one must pass
to embed within the structure
of a living breathing enclosed community

if for whatever reason
whether a soul puddling that leaves one limp
or a clash of big and smallness that levels one but not the other
the stalling of the leveled, the limp, before this temporal threshold
silenced and opaque the windowed portal will become


unedited ramble

what is the relationship of writing to making; making to writing; both to thinking, being?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

three thousand and 51 pounds of rubber!

yay! was scared my baby truck couldn't haul more (more importantly was worried about capacity to stop). now get to work kathy!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

and so that passage to china has begun

translation: evaporation is a cooling process and so she digs for cool moist soil

even the frig

gets a paint job, though much stinker than the rest. why it was rusted, I don't really know (oxidation process I understand, why this occurred to this frig...shoulder shrug). gray walls, black cabs, galvanized light fixtures built from scrap, and galvanized ceiling fans, white electrical outlets and switches, plumbing pipe and rough hewn oak bed frames with my two nest chairs and pod seat. tis all coming together. at some point I've got to decide on flooring and get it in, but I figure that to be very last based on current planetary instability and gravity surges that debowel my paint cans as they hit the floor. :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

not even satellite can reach the hermitage

well, first wildblue put the big hurt on my wallet with their start up and equipment fees, then they arrive for install only to let me know, "NO GO." but wait the old direct tv dish points to the southern sky!? but the wildblue weighs about 80 lbs and points a little off from the direct tv dish. oh dang! and no, I am not cutting down my 60-80 foot pines! I won't do it. wonder where hughnet's satellite is located.

well the technician let me know that wildblue would refund me all of the fees.

I guess i will continue my trickle up to the Internet via my smart phone.

I soooo lost

so freaking weird how happy she was AFTER her baby pool bath, but I definitely lost on the frontend when she wigged out and those back claws found ground (flesh) from which to spring. the bright side is that it's just one leg and by end she was sitting in the pool (mostly) while I soaped her up and continued to whisper sweet nothings in her ear amidst curses under my breath! oh triple ouchola!!!. the next time it will be easier and I will wear pants into the pool! she is so freaking smart that ultimately it was a battle of the wills, and if I want to have an enjoyable beast, I really do need to be alpha according to the books on border collies (+ 1/2 lab). well, alpha that! of course she was gleeful after her bath and totally sucked up to me. which I did reward with belly rubs.

in a pollock moment, I inadvertently struck every surface in my blackcabinetted kitchen

it was not a formal or expressionistic gesture, gosh dang it, but a result of a sudden gravity surge.

this can is sitting a 180 degrees in opposition to its design -- now debowelled of all it's contents

double dang, I was only touching up. now a new paint can (full) must be acquired and extra touch ups. oh triple dang. I am putting my paint and rollers away for the day due to the planetary instability. that is my story and I am sticking to it..

her first highly formal composition and my critique of such

Apparently the Dopt has an eye (or tooth in this case) for emphasizing texture, value, and rhythm. her craft was appropriate for the formal slant and she made a good design decision on choosing the white room as her substrate, but any attempt at construction of concept or meaning making or regard for the viewer's experience was totally disregarded. BAD DOG!

last debris reducing for season as rain is already severely lacking in its coming

Sunday, May 27, 2012

candlelight for two (citronella)

well she's properly seated and thank goodness not on tabletop. she may actually at this point think her name is "get down."

Friday, May 25, 2012

I am glad she loves her human

even when she is underfoot and driving me a little nuts. I am glad she found and chose me to call home.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

just wrong in so many ways

snap. click. "now GET DOWN goofball." I am alpha around here. no, really!. "DOWN NOW." she lackadaisically jumps down in a stubborn compliance. her rate of descent clearly communicates the utter injustice of my command.

OMGosh look ma it's art

well more like body snatchers or cocoon plus faint 8' diameter nipples and ringed understructures all ready for some repurposing. plus one cute dog underfoot the whole time. i even, first time ever picked up all my wire clippings so the Dopt doesn't impale a pad. omg. it is true.

how she really spends her days

don't tell.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a little more structural but pretty

unusual but true, this is an actual art post on my supposedly art blog.

this little structures one of three and, gosh dang it, modular, not really a triptych. the structure is just designed in units to be carried and hauled stretcher like, two people to carry, probably three to lift into place. why are tubes so freaking heavy?

hmmmm. not the smartest place to hover, my puppy. I move and she moves with me. goober

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

a tilt this way and then that, while the insects sing in the foreshadowing heat of summer to come

the Dopt splashes lumbering playful in the recesses of nature's runoff storage with its creek-like appearance. mì mini-meadow encompassed by mì microforest, I couldn't have possibly imagined more in terms of my hermitage Huntsville setting.

guess I have to google difference between moth and butterfly

body looks moth-ish to me, wings, butterfly-ish. and they are all over my property fluttering in multiple large herds and resting in my trees.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

hey! Dopt that!

dopty: whhhaaAaaaaaaat? 
kathy: hey I need that! give it back!

just because...

a walk in the drizzle is a worthy endeavor--soothing the eyes with its sounds and ears with its sights and my uprightness with its unbalanced textures all embedded in the kicked up scents.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

classroom management technique 101

not sure it's legal, but they seem to like an occasional throttling by the neck while on a ladder.

helping me thin out the sweet gums

the Dopt attempts to help me drag the sweet gum to the debris reducing pile as I thin the baby portion of my microforest to let the sun in and make it walkable. quite entertaining except when she mistakes my hand for a mouth pulling hold spot. ouchy. such a good dog; such a beautiful spAce. it's like being on some kind of retreat every morning and evening. I may be more attached to the land than I am already to dopty. and she already lead me to a good unexpected 15 minute cry after I found out she was already tagged (had a human counter part); so I had the vet call (it was the right thing to do. aggggh. the short of it is, I officially belong to her now. her records are in the mail to me. she is 9 months old, half lab, half border collie.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

what's wrong with this picture

so much for either of us having any proper training in table etiquette. no fault of the parental units. I am actually training Dopt to not bug me while I eat. note, banana as well as drizzles of honey and peanut butter are still on plate. I never give her my food (except carrots but she thinks they are dog bones and their is no association to my meal time). hmmm. I had finished eating so I didn't even notice when she ascended the table top. am also teaching her (ha) not to jump on people and such. oh yes, though i dont have any compulsion to be the alpha dog in human populations. between she and I, I need her to know, I am the alpha dog (parental equivalent). she is smart but has a huge stubborn streak. if she doesn't want to go somewhere, she will literally do a full body flop to the ground, even throwing her head down. she's actually held that pose up to five minutes. dang. it reminds my of a little kid having a tantrum on floor in a store. I finally broke down and bought the choke collar. fortunately she understands its language and doesn't resist it. so no heavy breathing or wheezing for her. hmmmm. ok. well mostly she's smart. she just repositioned herself and her whole back in plummeted to the ground yanking the rest of her with it. no wounds, just one startled pup. oops.

I don't buy art; I don't really care to have it populating my hermitage

I don't put it on my walls. I like my walls quiet; I like space. historically the domicile was populated, in spite of internal pleasure of quiet walls, with images of significant people...because they were significant and interwoven into my life. all the frames with the exception of one or two of my grand girls and parental units lay emptied. why store memories of those who would prefer not to be woven? it would seem unhealthy to do so, thus they live in boxes stored out of site still. I suppose someday they should be disposed but that seems too much like discarding a 1/4 century of my existence.

art; I simply need to make it; no compulsion to look at it, live with it, visit storage facilities populated with it or buy it. but yesterday I bid on this piece, titled (if I recall correctly) she dreamed. because I find laying flat and gazing at the celestial canopy and what lays in my immediate vicinity peace inducing, the work spoke of to me--even before I knew the title. only after I bid on the work, did I note and aaahha the title.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

PES 4.9

I've given her a pretty high rating because her suck up factor is so well adapted at catering to my ego. well done Dopty. she lost a fraction, well, for a streak of stubbornness. she's distracted now. I will lay back for the shortest of stints and listen to the clouds drift overhead. then back in for the reading of student papers.