Saturday, June 21, 2014

Up, down, sold (ok, well, under serious contract)

I I suppose it is just bragging, butttt my realtor first showed the hermitage at 11 am, by one I had a viable offer, by three a contract was being drafted up. Bam! I feel fabulously giddy (til I think about missing her, the hermitage and microforest. Fortunately I will be far to occupied in a pleasurable endeavor to give a rip very long). She was a beautiful gift I cherished for the time that was gifted to me.

Now I really have to clear it quickly. Whoop!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Last add to the hermitage

Originally there was a view blocking picket rail between the two levels. I ripped the eye sore out within the first five days of owning. When I bought it I always had this idea in mind, shelving in the dead space, extending up to second level for seating AND allowing me to look out the front window to the meadow each morning when I awaken.

Sweet to realize it. Tonight I'll prime this baby and tomorrow paint her with good old fashion oil based paint to match all the trim and window sills. 

The perk if being artist is that you can build awesome functional stuff not just useless art. :) art self slam. And you've already got the tools to get the job done even if it is your first ever shelving to build. :)

Yup. Proud of myself and very satisfied with the add. It is perfect with the rest of the house.