Tuesday, December 23, 2014

holiday break has lead to decisions, decisions

This summer I replaced the hermitage, micro-forest and my mini-meadow that sat at the edge of the Sam Houston National Forest for PhD studies, a 1929 cottage and lots of renovations. I am trying to take it back to at least feel retro. I am stuck on the floor. Trust me the green makes since for this house. Having peel many a door frame back to wood, green was the original color and is the current color of the exterior. Sigh.

The light green tile are a smudge darker and with a hint of olive than what appears in photos

Original plaster walls match the light green tile.

Ha. This room is two colors--dark green and light green like the tiles

Crazy pants, but the previous owners painted almost every room a different color. The bedroom is maroon and yellow. It is starting to grow on me. The turquoise dining room will definitely have to be given a new color.

The study is reddish maroon and gray. Hmmm. 

The 85 year old kitchen cabs are cool but needed a new face, so I built new fronts and sanded the structure down to wood.

I saved the original hardware and will re-attach the doors with them.

This summer while school was out, the neighbors really wanted to help.They got power tool lessons. Sad day, they moved :(

There were somethings I couldn't do that had to be done. So I hired out.

Hopefully by the end of my PhD 
I will have this baby spruced up and retro hip.

I probably should be making art, but renovations are taking priority currently. I do ponder my balls and consider my next art move for the coming summer.

and chairs