Saturday, March 02, 2013

somethings don't change much

This is clearly apparent as I dig through old stuff with my folks to sort and clear out as my pop prepares for retirement living walking distance from my mom's full care. My folks are totally moving forward and excited. I, on the other hand, sniffle as I shift through years of life with them and the deleted years.

The unchanging:
loving my pups.

Farlow Ave. Crofton, Maryland with my mom. A visit from my Aunt and cousin Andy for momma pup, Caraway, to visit one of her babies (which became mine).

My hermitage in the woods, 2013.

the outdoors.

ha. We, my bros and I, caught these by hand in remnant puddles in after a hurricane (Maryland near Fort Meade)

Stubblefield, Sam Houston National Forest, 2013

being on the water.

Springfield, Virginia (ha. Neighbor was covert operative for CIA...ummm why did we all know this?)

Stubblefield, Sam Houston National Forest, 2013

a tad silly hair up glamour.

Crofton, Maryland front yard glamour shoot with best friend Laura Williams

A walk in the cold winter woods near my hermitage, 2013.

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