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Projects sheets updated throughout semester as projects evolve. Last update:4/15/2013

The following are projects, systems of critique, guides, PCA awards, and distributive student leadership that I have developed during my time with the WASH [Workshop in Art Studio + History] Foundation Program while at Sam Houston State University in role of Visiting Assistant Professor of Art. These projects are constantly evolving.
Teaching Philosophy  
Daydream or Nightmare [guide]
First day, non-graded task that introduces students immediately to risk taking, personal voice, critique process, working with alternate non-art materials. Additionally it builds camaraderie and accelerates the process of team building.
Habits of mind and making [crit guide] plus process crit [guide] for traditional gestalt dot project. Learning to recognize, observe, deconstructing our own assumptions, habits, chunking is critical to successful use of the creative process and outcome. I focus a lot on watching for our problem solving habits, assumptions of the assumed (you know). Chunking is functional but not helpful in the creative fields. It is also a great first crit because they are not evaluating in terms of success, but instead evaluate but apparent habits of compositional solutions--the habits apparent among each set of 30-40 thumbnails to be in the arenas of scale variation, spacing, symmetry/assymmetry, location within the frame, white space/negative space, orientation, etc. 
Human Comp Collabs [project sheet; crit guide]
photo collaborative that uses traditional gesalt exercises as a jumping off point

Dot/MapScapes [project sheet; process crit guide; comparative crit guide + essay; alternate crit guide; grade rubric] uses traditional gesalt exercises and sampling from mapping as a jumping off point

Human Hybrids [larger than life] + Sphere Blitz [spheres project sheet; Human Hybrids project sheet strategy 1 + 2; Human Hybrids project ; proposal crit guidesample crit guide--crit modeled after american idol with 3 professor judges--craft, concept, presentation; additionally students participated in people (student) choice awards in which students selected a winner for each crit category]

StoryLINE [storyLINE story v1; storyLINE story crit; storyLINE story v2; storyLINE independent drawing series; storyLINE ARTifact - refining artifact research 1 & 2; crit guide]
combines creative writing and mark making in space

Identity Essentials [project sheets + crit guide + sample people choice ballet]
photo based assignment sampling from history of feminism 

Distorted hierarchy of ritual [project sheet] [crit guide]
Table teams (to be elaborated upon) developed for use to develop and distribute student leadership for project ideation, process critiques, end project critiques, some full on collaborative projects. 
Online presence developed.WASH facebook  |  WASH spring 2013 [course Pinterest albums]  |  WASH Fall + Spring 2012  |  WASH spring 2010  |  WASH fall 2010  |  WASH spring 2011  |  WASH fall 2011   |   
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project images coming in a more sorted fashion; until then teaching portfolio
teaching philosophy and sample student works including video


Projects developed under leadership of Bill Davenport for Blueline Theater
Projects adapted from other Artist/Educators
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