Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hate hematomas on my tibialis anterior. ouch!

I over work my art; I over work my body; ouch. rough cut 4x4 oak hurts when it bounces to the ground grazing my shin. I have never figured out how it is my jeans don't rip but what is beneath...ouchy!

I tried to make a small piece for faculty exhibition...is 6' deep x ~5' wide x 8.75' tall count as small. dang it all, I did try!

I was thinking a little about Judd gone wrong when I was framing this out.

And I ended my day stumbling onto my dad's love letters to my mom (this set he wrote to her after they were married not the usual before--I especially liked where he called her "my princess!"--to heck with liberation, I like that.) I didn't read the rest of it, thought it too invasive since they are both still alive. will read someday. then I found a series of report card from both my great great great grand father dating 1879 and his future wife. :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the new piece!