Wednesday, June 22, 2011

hey! there is wet stuff falling from the sky

what the heck is it? it splatters atop the cars, beads up and rolls down, it makes a thrumming continuous sound, the pages of my book saturate and wave up. yay! it smells good to! I do like the rain and have been missing it.

hmmm. didn't last long and it's still dry below the bellies of our transport. the sky says it may release a little more for it's clouds are low and laden.

would have liked to put on my black raincoat today and strolled through my old park as i used to in the warm spring and summer rains (well ok year round since h-town is usually warm enough for strolling in rain year round). will have my own micro forest soon; will have to test strolling under the laden needles...hopefully it will rain again this summer.

oh well today will be a stitch stitch while listening, yes it's true, the commodores...but definitely can't not enjoy the old tunes.

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Kathryn Kelley said...

ha. still raining. I watered my garden yesterday to ensure today's rain