Monday, April 16, 2012

she won't hold still for click moment in the morning; by mid afternoon she and I need to have a serious coversation

she still has residual puppy energy. more importantly she appears to have decided to stay. perhaps it was this mornings bowl of wheat chex I gave her. I think she has definitely decided I am part of her pod. surely no anthropomorphizing there! i've tested some different names on her. she likes dopty but responds best to "good dog."

I stop and pick up some old Roy and a raw hide chew bone (foreshadowing) for my return to the hermitage. I arrive and Dopty and I sit down to a serious conversation as to what is mine and what is hers. she wiggles all over hardly able to hold for her talking to...if she were a mouth shed be nothing but laughter and smiles. needless to say, I handed over the raw hide and will put that old fashion book of blank pages upon which I scratch a pen in a safer locale.

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