Thursday, August 09, 2012

perhaps a little dirty.

not a new problem. am tired too, but too bad, work it through, a show in a beautiful exhibition space encroaches on the heel of this month. I prepare. still. not sure why I am compelled to work these materials. my dad's cute, he has suggested a decrease in scale and easier materials (lighter) because I am getting older. bahahaaaa. nice reminder. love my dad; not a bad sentiment. its just an artist's materiality and subject matter seem viscerally dictated and aren't usually up for too much cognitive logic. perhaps i will just quietly, when no one is looking, convert to scratching pen to page in a more public way, moving from object and image to word. perhaps? though more likely a melding of the two. actually, they are even now melded but the writing is somewhat unruly.

so tired and hot!

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Kathryn Kelley said...

my dad may be right. my hands hurt pretty achely and I am not even remotely through. double dang. not that it really matters in the scheme of things. oh well.