Sunday, October 28, 2012

ha. my teaching philosophy as sound bites

  1. deconstructing discrepancies between artist intent and viewers perception
  2. disrupting habits--disrupt habits of mind, habits of making, habits of process, habits of materiality
  3. disrupting assumptions—perceived cultural, historical and personal narratives
  4. enticing to enter the ongoing dialog of contemporary art and practice
  5. digging into ideation process through guided research
  6. unpacking ideation and making processes
  7. tethering* for increased capacity for risk taking—materiality, methodology, conceptually
  8. exploiting pocket technology—smart phones and social media
  9. synthesizing and documenting (writing) deconstruction of habits, intent vs perception, processes
  10. collaboratively participate in critical reflection and feedback throughout process
  11. open capacities for listening (responsiveness and adaptability) to materials, methods, ideations, context
  12. connecting to contexts—physical, historical, psychological, cultural, personal
  13. exposing and explore the multiplicity of source of ideation for generation of work
  14. translating concept from one form to another—metaphorical, sensory translations, etc
  15. making space for the unruly, the resistant and the radical
  16. rewriting our histories our stories to understand and navigate the now
  17. skin on or off—life starts now; not later—artist/designer/animator
  18. work is art, not “project.” Hang all crits as an exhibition
  19. *peer community in which student experiences a strong sense of belonging.
act, alone, ambitious, analysis, assumptions, belonging, collaborative process, collective critical analysis, communication, conceptual development, connecting, context, craft, creative process, critical reflection, deconstruct, depth, develop, discrepancies, discourse/dialog, disrupt, distributive, distributive student leadership, equip, entice, experiment, exploit, explore, expose, feedback, follow, form, habits, harvest, hear, history, individuation, iteration, laughter, listening, manifest, memory, multiple, now, open, passion, practice, process, reflection, research, responsiveness, rewrite, risk taking, sample, security, silence, skin on/skin off, sources of ideation, synthesize, tethering, tension, transmit and disrupt, unreasonable, unruly, voice, work ethic, writing, whole

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