Wednesday, April 24, 2013


WRITING morning. outside. emotionally set aside my to-do list. prewalk the dopty (or she'll bug me til i do). UN-lined slick paper. hate lines on my page. pen not pencil. pen that easily slides glides. write with intent to post. scratch pen to page. feel it. unedited. not to worry about hurting. find truth find. find arrogance in assumed truths. rethink. cry. write out of it. smile. be useful in the content. post. audience of some kind.

SHOULDs edit prior to post. gap of time before edit. see what i've written vs assume what i've written. write every freaking day. read more.

MAKING needs writing traveling along side. outside. physical. visceral. heavy. hard. sweaty. lay on back in grass. hair nestled into the earthen and tubular scents. document process [image + text]. document mind body progression [image + text]. exhaust. impulsive. harvested refuse. audience of some kind.

NEED outside. peer. companionship [human + pup]. intimate conversation. banter. silliness. sideways thinking. deep discussions. deep connections. explorations in they whys. sounding board. difference. some form of purpose breathes goodness into another.

AVOID ha! facebook. eharm. financial manipulative motivators. job crap and politics. movies. surfing cyber space. illegible hand writing. eating when not hungry. popping the top off ANOTHER diet coke. wallowing. giving in to stress of things to which i have no real sway. lack of punctuation and english rules.

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