Thursday, June 20, 2013

day 11 | woodpushing

woodpushing but i will shake it off momentarily or at least by the end of the day. as i was writing yesterday, i definitely came to the conclusion that impotence, woodpushing, in a field i excel in and have vested in is one of my major inflection points. i need to create new habits, rituals to work around these inflection points. i will. it would seem i need to pursue new alternate areas in which to excel. woodpushing is not my style.

just maybe i should stick with my stitch, stitching for i would be in very good company

Lee Bontecou


Lee Bontecue


Eve Hesse and her post-minimal feminine forms


me and my forms

Robert Morris and his felt piece

me and my muscles!

my forms and forklift

me and my forms

and muscles

yes. i am having a moment to say, "nope, i don't suck." and if i review my teaching portfolio and my evals, it is clear i excel in my role and as mandated, i just suck at woodpushing.

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