Thursday, June 13, 2013

day 4 | revisiting my writings unarchiving them from their short lived assumed as i begin the dreaming with movement

June 11, 2013

April 2013

dehinged dehoused

I am looking for a door
I've a stack
clustered leaning 
dehinged dehoused 
more in my box 
absent passages 
invisible thresholds 
vacant nowheres 
there is no through 

there is a work buried in this thought. I know. not highly original but it is there. 

I'd slide open a window 
thrust my leg out 
again I've a collection 
disembowelled dehoused 
no sliding, cracking, propping 
absent vantages 
invisible thresholds 
vacant gaze 
there is no through 

read a series of essays penned in 2005 and appalled at lack of pursuit. though I did laugh at the changing face of academic essay. perhaps I will post a few an see if they inflame and direct. 


Like a dog gets excited to go for a walk 

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Collection of Others

Posted 27th April 

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