Monday, July 07, 2014

Sold. On to the next adventure!

Soulful puppy making the transition from dog heaven freely chasing rabbits, deer, cows and horses to the life of leashed leisure out in Lubbock. She will adjust (I hope). 

Goodbye my sweet, sweet hermitage, microforest and minimeadow! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Up, down, sold (ok, well, under serious contract)

I I suppose it is just bragging, butttt my realtor first showed the hermitage at 11 am, by one I had a viable offer, by three a contract was being drafted up. Bam! I feel fabulously giddy (til I think about missing her, the hermitage and microforest. Fortunately I will be far to occupied in a pleasurable endeavor to give a rip very long). She was a beautiful gift I cherished for the time that was gifted to me. 

Now I really have to clear it quickly. Whoop!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Last add to the hermitage

Originally there was a view blocking picket rail between the two levels. I ripped the eye sore out within the first five days of owning. When I bought it I always had this idea in mind, shelving in the dead space, extending up to second level for seating AND allowing me to look out the front window to the meadow each morning when I awaken. 

Sweet to realize it. Tonight I'll prime this baby and tomorrow paint her with good old fashion oil based paint to match all the trim and window sills. 

The perk if being artist is that you can build awesome functional stuff not just useless art. :) art self slam. And you've already got the tools to get the job done even if it is your first ever shelving to build. :)

Yup. Proud of myself and very satisfied with the add. It is perfect with the rest of the house. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

the hermitage draws close to being market ready and my floors are rocking!

admittedly i've been showing her anyway because the micro forest and mini meadow and she built deck can sell themselves...the finishing of all the reno projects on the hermitage just make her totally smittenable.

one more layer to be laid down. the final will be a satin finish.

dining room


bedroom #2

Monday, May 12, 2014

hermitage flooring coming along

pro floor finisher comes next week as i have finished with cutting, fitting and securing the floors in the bedrooms, den, living, dining and stairwell. yay.

I cut and laid 8" planks in the bedrooms which contrasted nicely from the adjoining den that is laid with 36x36 squares.

i found the spacers especially entertaining

trim head screw holes will be filled prior to finishing


testing layout

a little store bought harvesting for bedrooms, dining, living room and stairs.

the previous harvesting for the den, juice concentrate shipping crates (3/4" plywood)

the den from crates. it has sense been sanded so that the variation is much more subtle.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

hermitage, microforest, minimeadow going on the market

I have loved on this space I call home, I call gift. But I will be going to do my PhD in Lubbock and don't know where I will land at its end so the hermitage in the woods must go. It is located on ten acres two miles from the NW corner of Sam Houston National Forest. A fifteen minute drive from Sam Houston State University and 76 miles from the heart of downtown Houston. It would make a fine weekend place.

Two bedroom, one bath, laundry room, two carport under house, kitchen, den, living room, dining room, firebox. Open concept (no hallways). Split level, laundry room on ground floor.

Freshly renovated since August 2011 over the course of two and a half years: 
entire interior painted, kitchen cabinets paints, new vanity in bathroom and updated exhaust vent, all new sinks and fixtures, all new lights and ceiling fans, Trane Heat Pump HAVAC system, all new duct work, LG washer and dryer front loading stacked, new front door, hot water heater, updated electrical switches, new beautiful to die for deck with planters, new landscaping with drought tolerant plants.

Both bedrooms are 10x11, each with 3 windows.
Both bedrooms are identical 
in layout, just mirrored. 

New kitchen sink.
Sink, faucets, lights and vanity updated.

New door to let even more light in.
Living room is continuous with dining room (open floor plan)
new flooring occurring right now. this is subfloor.

All new ceiling fans

One closet converted to office

Outlets and switches updated

New heat pump, Trane 15xl, 8/2011

New huge deck, 2012

Two outbuildings: one has finished interior and AC, the other is more like a shop

Interior finished out plus AC

Two porticos: one for large bus sized RV, one more for riding mower and such

The smaller portico

Ten wooded acres. Pines and hardwoods. Approximately one acre meadow. All images of property.

Great neigbhors.

National Forest two miles south of hermitage.

Am in the process of installing all new flooring (which is why not interior pics yet). I have a few more things to finish to have the fit and finished fully loved on, i.e. handrail onto deck, etc.