Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 day 10 | weld that you little dog %¥!!^~#!?!

not to shameful for "an artist!" who only sporadically glues metal together. got temp to feed on the little Lincoln a little more appropriately balanced in ratio which made all the difference in my little swirligig metal glue wads (welds). metal hot glue gun. nice toy. though I definitely have splatter issues! and who designs these silly little don't-burn-my-scalp caps?!. they aren't fooling any one with zebra stripe fashions. welding caps make any one look like a goober!

ha! I do need a chef! I spend the day fabricating with welder, grinder and grinding wheel, and not once burn myself! I cook and within 10 minutes, OUCHY my finger. that hurt!

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