Monday, July 02, 2012

2012 day 12 | time is seriously clicking by

check. four back of chair hinge/hook sliders operational.

_____. two ladders out.
_____. spare muscles for lifting.
_____. lifting in place.
_____. check stability so I don't get squished.
_____. add stabilizing system of needed.
_____. determine table width.
_____. tablify end corners of floating forest tabletop.
_____. design suspension MODULAR units from which to suspend tubes.
_____. have a jacob dinner + pass out!
_____. lunch break and rest wrists (the current weak link).
_____. alt. based on body abuse. prep a bunch of wire units for tube sewing.
_____. alt. smell the flowers. read a book. rest wrists. got to work more thoughtfully to not abuse the skinny weak links.

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