Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 day 24 | mapping her dis-posing + loading

___ remove tubular and rubber load from truck.
___ label parts.
___ take down interior rubber sheeting
___ roll up rubber sheeting
___ remove stitching between modular units
___ remove upper level rubber trim
___ prep to secure or counterbalance units

___ remove units alternating sides so as not to flip tabletop sections
___ perhaps roll rubber modular units
___ take down tabletop units
___ disassemble middle tt section
___ lower joists
___ remove fabricated hardware + secure to take home
___ lay chairs down

___ remove front to back lateral runs
___ lift of seat
___ collapse structure
___ load chair
___ determine tool bin travel location

___ load rubber modules
___ if weight accommodates, load rolled rubber sheeting

___ organize and load tools

UMMM leaving, a to do list for brian
___ relocate cinder blocks to JT
___ disassemble + relocate 2x4s to green tarped area near Woodstock
___ confirm no trace left behind

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