Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 day 24 | grrrrr undisclosed cursing

at my imaginary anti-installation-truck-loading-frazzle-me god! grrrrr. and damn (maybe a little strong) truck shells with their weight and binding limitations. shells are cute and all but really absolutely get in my way for loading and unloading.

I am just going to lay here flat on my back in the dirt and shake my fist at the sky. it must be the imaginary oh-you-should-stay god wrestling with my imaginary anti-installation-truck-loading-frazzle-me god! grrrrr. who will win, I do not know! guess i am staying. good thing I kept my key. aaaaggghh.

go a head and rain on my head, and bite me you big freaking blood sucking mosquito! sometimes I am a little ungrateful. this moment. think two year old flinging herself on the floor in the depatrment store for not getting her way. oh fling, fling, fling!! and with only 3% battery charge remain. oh fling tantrum while laying on my back in the dirt, in the rain. aaa grrrr

no wait. I am not quite through with this tantrum. almost. 1% battery charge.

sound of rain while laying flat on back in dirt = detantrafying. thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

It's the God's telling you to stay, relax, recharge. You should listen to the gods

Kathryn Kelley said...

yes, my whim and whine are at my imaginary warring god's command. awesomeness! :)